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ExtraSort Component for Integration Services improves on the built-in sorting routine and enables smooth scaling to large data sets. You gain the following benefits from ExtraSort:

New 6/19 v1.0.2 posted, it is 50% faster than previous build and tested with files up to 30 GB.

  • Sort over 2 GB. Large data sets are handled successfully while the built-in sort routine isn't suited to inputs larger than RAM (see graph).

  • Thousands of percent faster with >2 GB data sets. 300% faster for small ones.

  • Memory usage throttling in ExtraSort lets it coexist with other processes while the built-in sort routine exhausts all RAM choking other apps.

  • strcmp/stricmp sort orders are available in ExtraSort. The built-in sort routine for example can't fulfill PennySort benchmark requirement due to lack of stricmp sort order.

    Beta evaluation is available for download. Please send feedback, it is very much appreciated.

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